The System

Partition Wall System

Our modular PARTITION WALL SYSTEM consists of corridor and inner walls, which can be produced in a continuous height of up to 3400mm.

The INNER WALLS are made of aluminum-zinc-coated steel sheet, featuring an extremely resilient zinc-aluminum coating and an additional transparent „antifingerprint coating.“ This composition ensures optimal corrosion protection and enduringly stable surfaces.

The partition panels have rounded and trapezoidal profiles. They are interconnected and anchored to both the floor and the wall using U-profiles. Additional middle crossbracings further stabilize all walls.

The CORRIDOR WALLS are coated with a glossy white finish, creating strong light reflection and making the rooms appear brighter and more welcoming. For additional stability and protection against damage, the walls come standard with 30 cm high impact protection elements along the walls and a 1.2 m high corner guard made of aluminum diamond plate.

Roller Doors

Our roller doors are manufactured in various standard sizes and heights. They are available in almost all RAL colors and feature a high-quality powder coating that makes them scratch-resistant and easy to clean. During production, our roller doors undergo continuous quality control to ensure their excellence performance.

Only components of very high quality are used in their manufacturing. For instance, the sealing rubber at the bottom of the roller shutter is enclosed in a sturdy aluminum profile that cannot break or deform. The wide and deep guide rail of the roller shutter is equipped with a brush to reduce friction. Additionally, the roller shutter is highly resilient, especially against wear and attempted break-ins.

With 1000 design possibilities, our roller shutters are visually appealing and require low maintenance. They are built to last and are easy to operate.

Swing Doors

PREMIUM DOOR. The premium door provides additional security due to its recessed central part, which fully conceals the lock within the door leaf. The risk of injury from protruding elements is practically eliminated. The door can be opened by swinging it 180°, and, like the frame, is available in a wide range of RAL colors.

FLAT DOOR. This fl at, single-color door can also be opened by swinging it 180°. The door is scratch-resistant powder-coated and available in almost all RAL colors.

PROFILE DOOR. This profile door consists of a frame filled with trapezoidal sheet metal plates. The door can be opened up to 180° and has a powder coating, available in multiple colors. Internal cross-bracings made of steel profiles provide stability to the door.

Kicker Plates

To further stabilize and protect your self-storage units from wear and damage, we will install aluminum treadplate bumper guards (300mm high) along the hallway walls. Additionally, powder-coated steel sheet brackets (200x200mm) will be mounted at all corners of the partition walls. These brackets will support an additional aluminum treadplate (1200mm high).


Our LOCKERS are the perfect solution for small spaces or unused nooks, allowing you to economically maximize storage areas and increase your rental income. With our lockers, you provide customers with a secure and reliable storage option. This popular type of storage space is particularly appealing in self-storage facilities located in city centers, densely populated residential areas, or in a student neighborhood

Our lockers are available in almost any size and can be customized to fit the space available. Typical dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 meter or 1 x 1 x 1.5 meter. The load capacity of a locker base is 220 kg/m2.

Thanks to their powder-coated surface, our lockers are scratch-resistant and durable. You can choose from a variety of RAL colors to personalize your lockers and match them to your space or corporate design.


For securely locking a storage unit, there are three different types of locking mechanisms available.

PADLOCK. In the padlock locking system, tenants can bring their own padlock or purchase one from the self-storage operator. There is space on the latch system for an additional padlock, which the branch manager can close the storage space in case of payment default, for example.

CYLINDER LOCK. Locking with cylinder locks provides a more secure solution and gives the entire facility a uniform appearance. They come individually packaged, including three keys, and can be sold, rented, or provided to the tenant as desired. The cylinder locks are made of high-quality steel, highly resistant, and difficult to break open. For extra security of the storage compartments, so-called „Manager Keys“ are available (though they are not master keys). Alternatively, an additional padlock can be attached using an adapter plate.

ELECTRONIC/DIGITAL LOCKING SYSTEM. With an electronic locking system, the storage boxes can be securely, conveniently, and comfortably opened and closed. Our high-quality electronic locking system is specially designed for our partition system and locking mechanism. The electronic lock is easy to use and can be controlled conveniently via a smartphone app. This eliminates the time-consuming key or transponder handover – the self-storage operation can be managed simply and comfortably through digital means.